HI-MOLD560-5A HI-MOLD6500-1 HS5000 L800LMA LF2600M-2SP LV1400

Hi-MOLD 560/5A

Extensive machining range, offering low and high speed heavy duty cutting
Standardised high speed ridgid tapping feature

Featuring a newly designed, high perfromance, next generation CNC control

Hi-MOLD 560/5A

The Premium Choice for High-Quality Mold Machining

Hi-MOLD 6500

Special Feature - Thermal Distortion stablizing system. Hi-MOLD 6500 has adopted a thermal

distortion stabilizing system for the first time!
This prevents thermal deformation of the travel axis due to frequent repetition

Hi-MOLD 6500

The Best Choice for High-Quality Mold Machining

HS 5000

Double arm ATC provides fast an reliable tool changes.

Controlled spindle temperature to minimize heat destortion.

HS 5000

High Perfromance, High Efficiency


Features a Big Bore spindle to optimize cutting efficiency.

Thermally symetrical headstock insulates heat from base.


Heavy-Duty Large Work Capacity


Excellent performance when heavy duty cutting by adopting a high output spindle motor.


Front Loading Turning Center


High rigidity bed structure to hold 50" chuck.

Seperable Bed Saddle cuts accurately minimizing heat destortion.


Ram Type Vertical Turning Centre

News 20.12.2015

New Technology Center,  Changwon


The greatly anticipated Changwon Technical Center will officially open 8th April 2014.   more...


News 04.01.2016

NEW Specialized F850

Catering largely for the IT industry the new F850 has joined the Hyundai WIA machine tools family, producing large TV frames and also catering for the Resin mock-up market.  more...


EMO, Hannover 2013 - Looking back more...

New Technology Center opens in Changwon Korea. more...

Specialized F850. more...